A solid financial plan—we can’t overstate its importance. It outlines your objectives, clarifies your goals, sets your priorities, and serves as the compass that guides every financial decision you make.

At Kaufman Kampe Advisors, we walk you through a financial planning process based on the “big picture” and all its many pieces. Using discovery conversations, we discuss your thoughts, needs, and concerns surrounding retirement, investing, education, taxes, insurance, estate, and giving. With a thorough understanding of your objectives, we are able to formulate a plan that includes an integrated set of strategies based on proven planning and investment techniques.

Once your initial plan is developed, we work with you to systematically implement your strategies. Then we periodically review and measure your progress on an ongoing basis to make sure every step we’ve taken is on track and aligned with your plan. This process keeps our understanding of your situation fresh and allows us to update your plan as needed.